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Vitamins & Supplements

Eating right and getting necessary nutrition can be difficult. To help our members maintain health at affordable prices, HealthRight professionals have carefully screened and now offer a select set of vitamins and supplements.

Using our wellness programs, you can connect to a recommended selection of vitamins and supplements to fit your specific needs. Of course, we recommend that all members consult with the HealthRight clinical staff—or your own physician–before taking any vitamins or supplements.

And Remember, HealthRight nurses are available 24/7 to answer any questions and help you find the vitamins and supplements that are right for you.

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Get the Help You Need to Stay Healthy

At HealthRight, we are here to help when you need medical care. But we also believe in helping you stay healthy. To do that, we offer proven wellness programs designed to improve your overall health, while including preferred pricing for HealthRight members.

Weight Management
At HealthRight, we’re concerned that being overweight or obese is linked to more than 60 chronic diseases, and that medical expenses for these patients are 40% higher than those living at healthy weight levels. That’s why we suggest Cornerstone Wellness.

Dr. Jonathan Burg, a medical specialist in nutrition and obesity, created the Cornerstone Wellness Weight Loss Program to provide a practical, evidence-based, and successful way for practicing physicians to manage the growing epidemic of metabolic syndrome due to obesity and other lifestyle issues. He formulated all the Cornerstone Wellness programs with input from a team of Endocrinologists, Cardiologists, and Ph.D. Dieticians. HealthRight and Cornerstone Wellness are here to help. Our combined wellness programs and products will help you manage your weight to get you healthy and keep you healthy!

Get access to the Cornerstone Wellness weight-management program

Take advantage of practical, evidence-based weight-management tools

Manage your weight better to get and stay healthy

Find the right vitamins & supplements for your specific needs

Get customized recommendations for wellness programs from your HealthRight clinical staff


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