Advisory Board

This group of visionaries is transforming the future of health care, today.

The HealthRight Advisory Board features a diverse, experienced, and caring group of leaders who are dedicated to our vision and mission, and who exemplify the ideals of the entire organization. Their guidance and support have established HealthRight as a transformative force in the future of health care.

The Honorable Tommy Thompson

The former US Secretary of Health and Human Services under the Bush Administration helps lead the Advisory Board and assists the company achieve its vision of becoming the gold standard in remote-based access to safe, affordable convenient care. The Governor’s accomplishments are well known in the areas of public health and innovation through the use of leading edge technology. During his tenure as governor, Tommy brought great change to Wisconsin–and the entire nation.more...

Tommy championed innovative, conservative reforms to solve some of the biggest problems facing the State: entrenched unemployment, high entitlement spending, and inadequate public education. Tommy ended welfare, dramatically cut taxes, reduced unemployment to record lows and instituted a first-of-its-kind School Choice program. His compelling leadership enabled these reforms to take hold despite working with a Democrat-controlled Legislature for much of his 14 years in office.

Jeffery Benabio


Jeffrey Benabio is Physician Director of Healthcare Transformation at Kaiser Permanente in San Diego, CA, where he develops strategies and programs that use innovation, design, and technology to move medicine into a modern age. A board-certified dermatologist, he treats more than 5,000 patients per year and leads one of the country’s largest telehealth programs.more...

Dr. Benabio is a member of the following committees and work groups at Kaiser Permanente: Re-imagining Ambulatory Design (RAD), Health Information Process Transformation (HIPT), Telehealth, Health 360, and BYOD.

Dave Nash


Prior to joining the HealthRight Advisory Board, David Nash was named the Founding Dean of the Jefferson School of Population Health (JSPH) in 2008, capping a 20+ year tenure on the faculty of Thomas Jefferson University. JSPH provides innovative educational programming designed to develop healthcare leaders for the future. Dr. Nash is a board certified internist who is internationally recognized for his work in outcomes management, medical staff development, and quality-of-care improvement.more...

In 1995, he received the top recognition award from the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy. He received the Philadelphia Business Journal Healthcare Heroes Award in October 1997 and was named an honorary distinguished fellow of the American College of Physician Executives in 1998. In 2009, Dr. Nash received the Wharton Healthcare Alumni Achievement Award, and in 2012, he received both the Joseph Wharton award in recognition of his “social impact,” as well as the Philadelphia Business Journalinnovation award.

Michael Romanzo


Michael J. Romanzo is a pharmacist with more than 38 years of experience across the pharmacy industry. Mike was recruited by Merck-Medco, the largest PBM in the country, as the Senior Vice President of Account Services for their middle market division, Systemed, LLC. In this role, Mike was responsible for overseeing the account services to more than 300 employer plan sponsors across the county.more...

After the spin-off of Medco Health Solutions from Merck in 2003, Mike became Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer for the Systemed division. For the next three years, he managed and directed all account, business and clinical operations of the division. He was also responsible for marketing and communications, new product development, and project and change management. In 2006, Mike was named President of the Systemed division, and joined Medco Health Solutions’ Management Committee. In 1994, Mike joined Consultec, Inc. (now Xerox Health Care Services) as the General Manager of the PBM division. During his tenure, Consultec became the industry leader in providing real-time pharmacy claims processing and PBM services to the fee-for-service components of state Medicaid agencies. By 1999, Consultec was managing more than $2 billion in pharmacy expenditures for both commercial and government plan sponsors. Mike started his pharmacy career with CVS Pharmacy. He held various management positions there including Regional Pharmacy Manager, where he was responsible for the pharmacy operations and associated personnel of more 200 CVS drug stores throughout New England.

Joel Magerman

In addition to serving on the HealthRight Advisory Board, Joel is Chairman and CEO of Bryant Park Capital Securities, Inc. and its parent Bryant Park Capital, LLC. During the course of his career, he has been involved in closing over 100 transactions as both a principal and an investment banker. Prior to 2001, Joel was the President of Associated Venture Management, where he oversaw a family office that invested and raised approximately $250 million for its portfolio companies.more...

Portfolio investments included Cardio-Life, the inventor of the trans-telephonic cardiac monitor and Cor Solutions, the second-largest disease state management Company–which was sold to Matria Healthcare for more than $500 million. Joel served either as a board member or non-executive Chairman for a number of portfolio investments in the specialty finance, software, technology, and healthcare services sectors. From 1991 to 1995, Joel was the Senior Vice President for FCA International, LTD (FCA:TSX), one of the top three financial services firms in the receivables management sector, where he headed corporate development, M&A, and U.S. sales, marketing and customer service. Prior to FCA, Joel was one of the founders and board members of Odyssey Golf, the number one putter company in the world, which was later sold to Calloway Golf. Earlier in his career, Joel was the Director of Finance and Technology for Citicorp Diners Club.

The HealthRight Vision

We are transforming consumer health services by delivering convenient and affordable access to quality health care and well being for the populations we serve.

“It’s simple: we reach, educate, match, profile, engage, and retain. That’s how you build lasting relationships.”

–David Lukrich | CMO, 2015

Our Mission

Building on our core values of respect for all we touch, integrity in all we do and care for our members; we are committed to providing access to an exceptional consumer health experience through our digital and clinical resources to make healthcare easier for every member served.
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