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Affordable Health Care Solutions for Employees and Members

HealthRight’s trusted iCare platform combines cutting-edge technology, innovative solutions, and highly trained health care professionals to provide high-quality, affordable health care for your organization, employees or members. Our unique strategies and implementation methodology makes it easy to connect your employees with the benefits they need most.

With HealthRight iCare, members experience a personalized, genuine, and caring relationship that puts their needs first. From the moment we connect by phone, email or online, the patient/clinician relationship begins and is handled with respect and quality service. Our iCare team, led by licensed nurses, has the tools to help the patient get the care they need, whether that involves a TeleConsult, a provider visit, or saving money on essential needs like prescriptions, dental care, lab tests, and more.

Why Choose HealthRight iCare?

Not only is HealthRight iCare personal and private, it is also convenient, easy to use, and gets results quickly. Our services are designed to care for patients 24 hours per day, from home, work, or while on vacation, which allows them to get the care they need, when they need, it so that they can get back to real life. With immediate access to quality care and significant health savings, members experience better health outcomes, improved productivity, lower expenses, and higher morale—which helps make your organization’s culture happier and healthier.

HealthRight iCare is the perfect fit for any organization: business, union, institution, or membership group. The iCare plans can be customized to fit the needs of your employees or membership – from core TeleHealth to Concierge level care. We offer flexible models that work for any size organization and include both per member per month (PMPM) or fee-for-service programs.

Download these PDFs for additional information about our iCare Plans and Services:

HealthRight iCare Overview
Download our program overview, which explains how our programs and plans can help your organization provide high quality healthcare while saving money.

HealthRight iCare Telehealth
Learn about HealthRight Nurse Advocates and our On-Demand Doctor Visits: anytime, anywhere.

HealthRight iCare Auxillary Services
Experience the iCare difference with our follow-up care: Prescription Services, Lab Testing, Imaging Studies, and Wellness Programs.


Our Approach

Leveraging decades of industry experience, practical understanding of patient needs, and the deep relationships we have fostered with medical professionals, HealthRight has developed the unique ability to bring together a broad range of medical and health care resources to provide high quality, convenient, efficient, and affordable access to healthcare. Our proven implementation methodologies and patient engagement efforts have worked with organizations of various sizes, yielding consistently positive results. We treat each client as a partner and work together to find the program, plan, and approach that works for you.

Clinical Staff

Whether interacting with a U.S. Board-Certified doctor, Licensed Nurse, or one of our trained Health Advocates, patients feel comfortable knowing they are speaking to an individual that has been fully screened and credentialed. All of our caring staff are highly motivated to stay with patients through every step of their journey towards optimum health including guiding patients to the best care, facilitating the clinical intake, completing TeleConsults, coordinating care, and following up to check on patient compliance and progress. We strive to build supportive and long-term relationships with patients, improving utilization and better overall health.

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Executive Team

With more than 50 years of combined experience in the business, health care, and service industries, our team of executives works tirelessly to ensure that the essential vision of Health Right is consistently delivered. We are constantly refining and improving our solutions to help organizations and patients experience the highest quality of healthcare services while saving money.

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Executive Advisory Board

Featuring a diverse, experienced, and caring group of leaders who are dedicated to our vision and mission, our Board of Directors exemplifies the ideals of the entire HealthRight organization. They believe in HealthRight as a transformative force in the future of health care and help innovate, shape, and bring our collective vision to life.

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The HealthRight Vision

We are transforming consumer health services by delivering convenient and affordable access to quality health care and related services for everyone.

“The people at HealthRight really wanted to help. They knew what they were talking about.””

–Carmen F. | HealthRight Member

iCare is a cost effective way to bring convenient, quality health care to your organization. See how iCare can quickly improve the productivity, satisfaction, loyalty, and overall health of your employees.

To bring HealthRight iCare to your organization, call  844-255-1731

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Delivering health care the way it should be … Convenient. Dependable. Affordable.

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