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Take Care of Your Eye Health on Any Budget

Your health insurance plan may not include vision care which means you are left with a big bill after every vision exam. Vision exams can cost anywhere from $99 to $150+, depending on the provider and you may need to pay extra for prescription eyewear, sunglasses and contact lenses. Get all or some of those costs covered with an affordable vision insurance policy. Access a large provider network and get discounts on all your vision care expenses all year long!


Stop Overpaying for Eyeglasses, Contacts and Vision Exams!

If you’re paying for vision exams, prescription lenses and contact lenses on your own, you could be looking at spending several hundred dollars a year on vision care. Stop spending and start saving with vision insurance, a supplemental plan for everyone that sees an eye doctor at least once a year.

Ensurem, the newest division of HealthRight, brings you a selection of affordable vision insur-ance plans with special benefits. You can get coverage for the entire family for a low monthly premium and have all your routine exams covered!

Keep your eyes healthy and get the quality care you need from reputable eye doctors in your area.

If you wear prescription eyeglasses or contacts, you’ll see those savings add up fast!

Get FREE quotes from leading vision insurance providers, including Premiere Vision and Surebrige

100% coverage for routine exams

Large provider network with reputable eye doctors nearby

Hassle-free shopping process at Ensurem, your insurance marketplace


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