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Vision Benefits and Hearing Services to Keep You Safe and Sound


Eye & Ear Health You Can Afford

At a time when most health plans are limiting vision and hearing benefits, HealthRight is expanding these programs to provide high-quality, convenient, and affordable options for patients. We go beyond the initial exam or screening to make sure that you experience significant savings on a wide range of vision and hearing products. Members can go online or speak with a Health Advocate to locate a provider or retail location, or to learn more about savings on specific products and services.

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Delivering Quality Eye Care & Hearing Services You Deserve

At HealthRight, we’re surprised that many health plans don’t offer vision benefits and hearing care, and so we’re doing something about it. Clear vision and hearing are essential aspects of your well-being and safety, which is why we make affordable access to vision benefits and hearing care available to every member.

Statistics show that approximately 14 million Americans have some level of self-reported visual impairment and 20% report some degree of hearing loss. While necessary vision benefits and hearing services and products such as eye exams and hearing tests, glasses and hearing devices can be costly, our program helps reduce costs so that patients can get the care they need. With more than 3,300 participating vision locations, finding a convenient provider or retail store is easy. In addition, the program offers savings on contact lenses and even LASIK surgery.

This service is ONLY available to iHealth Plus, and iHealth Plus Family members

Save up to 70% on essential vision & hearing services and products

Includes savings on eye exams glasses, contacts (including mail order), and even LASIK surgery

Visit more than 3,300 retail locations and providers nationwide

Receive a free hearing screening with fully credentialed audiologists

Save 40% to 70% on brand-name hearing aids & devices (financing may be available)


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