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Medical Cash Benefits

Prevent Medical Debt and Bankruptcy the Easy Way
Medical Cash Benefits, brought to you by Ensurem


Stay Afloat After a Medical Emergency

Medical debt is one of the leading causes of financial difficulties in America. Skyrocketing healthcare expenses and high deductible health insurance plans can set you back financially and add more stress to your life. Give yourself a chance to recover from a medical emergency with a medical cash benefits plan. From hospital indemnity plans that cover all the costs of your hospital stay to critical illness plans that provide a lump sum benefit upon diagnosis, you can pick and choose from several low-cost plans that provide thousands of dollars in benefits — right when you need it.


Don’t Fall Behind Because of Medical Debt!

If you end up an accident, are diagnosed with a critical illness or need medical treatment that isn’t covered by insurance, how will you pay for everything? For many people, piling medical bills lead to missed mortgage payments, selling the car, or even declaring bankruptcy. Few people know that they can protect themselves from this type of financial catastrophe with supplemental insurance.

Ensurem, the newest division of HealthRight, brings you a selection of affordable medical cash benefits plans (supplemental plans) with varying levels of coverage and benefits. For as little as $1 a day, you could have all your expenses from an accident taken care of with an accident plan. Protect yourself from thousands of dollars in medical expenses if you’re diagnosed with cancer with a Cancer Plan. Avoid paying $10,000+ for a few days in the hospital with a Hospital Indemnity plan.

Don’t wait for too late! Online instant issue plans provide fast coverage.

Get FREE quotes from leading supplemental plan providers, including The IHC Group, Sure-bridge and Sentinel Security Life

Choose affordable accident plans, hospital indemnity plans and critical illness plans starting at just $1 a month

Use benefits to cover your health insurance deductible

Obtain coverage for the entire family

Get lump sum cash benefits to use for medical and non-medical expenses

Instant issue with e-Policy features available


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