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HealthRight believes in your right to receive high-quality direct care from a doctor, nurse, or specialist, including testing and follow-up care services. Our nationally recognized partnerships for lab testing means that you will receive personal, consistent, and affordable care at any of the 1,600 lab locations nationwide. By providing you with imaging orders (when deemed medically necessary) via email, we empower you to find the highest quality imaging location at the best price. With partnerships, access and guidance, HealthRight makes it easier and more cost effective for you to get the important care you need.

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HealthRight Makes It Easier to Follow the Doctor’s Orders

If you’ve ever needed a lab test or imaging study or procedure (x-ray, MRI, CT scan, ultrasound, etc.), then you know how time consuming and expensive it can be. Often, the doctor writes an order, and you don’t know where to go to actually have the lab test completed, or how much it will cost. Between the frustration and expense, many people are not actually following through with important tests that can affect their overall health.

HealthRight makes it easier to comply with the doctor’s orders, saving you time and money along the way. As part of your free membership, speak with a Health Advocate to find a convenient lab test location (at one of more than 3,000 participating locations nationwide), schedule your appointment, and save up to 50% on most services. Our nationally recognized partners ensure that HealthRight members receive the highest quality lab test services at the best prices. Once the tests are completed, the results are sent back to HealthRight for doctor review and next steps.

Savings on lab tests and access to necessary imaging orders are included with free HealthRight membership

At more than 1,600 locations, Health Advocates can locate and schedule your lab test with one of the nation’s leading lab companies

Get the x-ray, MRI, or CT Scan studies that you need more efficiently and with the freedom to find the best location at the best price

All test results can be sent back to HealthRight for doctor review and follow up


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