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Medical and Health Advice

Whether you are looking for the most convenient, cost-effective way to get the care you need, require a face-to-face provider, or need help understanding a complicated medical bill, HealthRight nurses and health advocates are here for you. As a HealthRight member, you can call or connect online to get health advice from this highly trained and caring staff: 24 hours a day/7 days a week … always for free.

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Get On-Demand Medical & Health Advice

With HealthRight, personal and customized health advice is just a click or phone call away. Instead of taking time out of your busy schedule to make an appointment, fight traffic, or wait in an office for hours, you can be speaking with a licensed nurse or personal health advocate in minutes, 24/7 for free—no matter where you are.

HealthRight licensed nurses answer your questions, provide guidance, connect you with a doctor, coordinate your care, and can even communicate with your primary care doctor or specialist. Your care does not end with the first visit: the nurse will review your treatment plan, coordinate next steps, and make sure you get the follow-up care and health advice you need.

Our highly trained health advocates are also available for free, 24/7 to help you find personalized and customized solutions and health advice for a variety of ailments and needs, including but not limited to: pain, arthritis, diabetes, heart conditions, smoking cessation products, and more.

Talk to a licensed nurse for free, for as long and as often as you’d like

Speak to the nurse using any phone or mobile device: no need to leave home or work

Access a health advocate at any time to get customized health advice

With each TeleConsult, the nurse will follow-up within 48 hours to check on your progress and coordinate any additional care needs

No appointment needed, no need to travel or wait in an office or waiting room

Better understand your health care options with guidance from the nurse advocate

Let the nurses answer your questions about the best way to get the care you need

Discover local health resources, including dentists, specialists, and more

Get advice for your next doctor visit, including what questions to ask


To get free health advice, start your membership or call us now.

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To talk to a board-certified doctor right now, give us a call. A licensed nurse will collect your information and connect you to a board-certified U.S. physician in minutes.

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