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Disability Income

Protect Your Paycheck When Tragedy Strikes


Financial Help So You Can Get Back on Your Feet

For most people, being out of work for even a few months translates to a big financial setback. Living without a paycheck after an accident, illness, or injury means you could end up falling behind on bills or even have to declare bankruptcy. Protect yourself from setbacks with an affordable disability income insurance plan and keep the money coming in until you get back on your feet. With lump sum benefit payout options and up to a 100% annual income match, it makes sense to get a policy that supplements your income when tragedy strikes.


Keep the Steady Paycheck When You’re Hurt and Can’t Work

If you’re involved in an accident, become ill, or have chronic pain that leaves you jobless for a while, how will you pay your bills? You might dip in to emergency savings for a while or borrow money to get by but that can easily lead you down the road to bankruptcy. Prepare for the unexpected with disability income insurance, a simple way to protect your paycheck when you’re dealing with unexpected events.

Ensurem, the newest division of HealthRight, brings you a selection of affordable disability income insurance plans from leading carriers. You could be receiving a monthly benefit to cover medical expenses and household expenses until you’re ready to go back to work.

Any Social Security benefits are paid in addition to disability income insurance benefits which means you’ll be financially secure until you can earn an income again.

Protect your finances in the event you get hurt and can’t work.

Get FREE quotes from leading carriers, including Ameritas and Mutual of Omaha

Receive 70% to 100% annual income, depending on provider

Lump sum benefit options

Easy online application

Hassle-free shopping process at Ensurem, your insurance marketplace


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