Clinical Staff

Our doctors, nurses, and health advocates are here for you.

Whether you are interacting with a Board-Certified doctor, a licensed nurse, one of our health advocates, or any other member of our clinical staff, you can feel confident knowing that you are speaking to an individual who has been fully screened and credential, and also someone who is highly motivated to stay with you through every step in your journey towards optimum health.

Our Doctors


HealthRight doctors strive to provide the same level of intimacy, professionalism, and personal service you experience with an in-person visit. All clinical staff doctors are U.S. Board Certified and licensed in their state. They have been selected to work with us for their ability to provide the highest quality patient care, and each doctor is excited to help you in an effective, private, and convenient way.

“At HealthRight, we make certain the medical advice and care our doctors provide is second to none. This includes a stringent physician credential verification process. HealthRight is proud to use VerifPoint, a credential verification organization that is fully NCQA Certified and Accredited by URAC. Our Board-Certified Clinical Staff monitor protocols and care quality.”

– Dr. DiSanto
HealthRight Medical Advisor

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“The doctors treat me just like as I was in their office–with respect and genuine concern for my needs.”

– Steve M.

Our Nurses


HealthRight nurses are available anytime to guide and support members throughout their medical care. We know how scary it can be to deal with health issues. That’s why Nurse Advocates are available to HealthRight members for free, day or night, to coordinate care and answer questions.

Our clinical staff nurses connect members to services including doctor consultations, testing, and providers. Nurse Advocates also provide follow-up care coordination and will check in with you to make sure you’re on the path to optimum health.

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“The people at HealthRight really wanted to help. They knew what they were talking about.”

– Carmen F.

Our Health Advocates


Why do we call them Health Advocates? When it comes to health care, we all could use more advocates. HealthRight members benefit from a fully trained and credentialed clinical staff that is supporting and active, and one that continually works on behalf of our members. These caring and concerned individuals are knowledgeable about every aspect of HealthRight programs, benefits, and the fastest, most convenient ways to get help. Health Advocates connect members to customized health solutions (including medications or products for pain, diabetes, and a wide range of chronic and acute health conditions) or with a licensed nurse or U.S. Board-Certified doctor when needed.

“The HealthRight Advocate whom I talked to was very concerned and caring.”

– Patrice G.


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