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Whether you are a current HealthRight member or a prospective member, use this page to find answers for frequently asked questions about membership, benefits, your account, and more.

What is HealthRight?

HealthRight is an organization that believes in delivering health care the way it should be: fast, convenient, dependable, and affordable. Our programs give our members the opportunity to get access to a wide array of health solutions that can help them—and their loved ones—to experience optimum health. When you use HealthRight, you can get on-demand access to board-certified physicians, licensed nurses, and health advocates, while also enjoying significant savings on many health care services … whether you currently have health insurance or not.

How much does HealthRight cost?

It is free to become a member of HealthRight and access free, unlimited consultations with licensed nurses and the significant savings on many health care services, including prescriptions, lab tests, dental care, and more. When you schedule an on-demand doctor visit, you may have to pay a standard rate (generally about $55).

How do I save money with HealthRight?

With HealthRight, not only can you save money by enjoying free, 24/7, unlimited access to health advocates and licensed nurses. You also can save from 30% to 70% on many health care services, including prescription medications, lab tests, dental care, and more. Simply show your HealthRight card when you arrive for your appointment at the participating provider. Plus, the average cost for an on-demand doctor visit can save you as much as 50% or more compared to what you’d typically pay for an in-person visit.

Can I speak to a doctor now … even if I’m not a member?

Yes. You don’t have to be a member of HealthRight to use the on-demand doctor visits—or many of the other benefits we offer. To speak to a doctor now, simply contact us. One of our health advocates or licensed nurses will collect your information and schedule a doctor appointment that fits your schedule.

Is HealthRight available to everyone?

Yes. Everyone, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or health condition, is available to become a member of HealthRight. Doctors are licensed in states in which they practice and are able to write prescriptions if medically necessary. Our prescription discount is accepted by more than 50,000 local and national pharmacies in the U.S. Please note: Due to state regulations, those living in Montana or Vermont cannot become a member of HealthRight.

Is HealthRight insurance?

No. HealthRight is intended to be used as a supplemental health care service that gives members access to free and unlimited consultations with licensed nurses, reduced fee-for-service on-demand doctor visits, as well as significant savings (ranging from 30% to 70%) on many health care services, including prescriptions, dental care, and more. You may use HealthRight whether you have insurance or not. In addition, in some cases, you private insurance plan may reimburse you for any fees charged during your on-demand doctor visits. We will provided a receipt that you can submit for reimbursement.

What if I don’t currently have health insurance?

Even if you don’t currently have any health insurance, you can be a member of HealthRight. We do not exclude anyone on the basis of health insurance coverage. Many members use HealthRight because they don’t have insurance, yet they are still able to get the on-demand health care they need from our doctors and nurses, while also savings up to 70% on many health care services.

How are you able to provide these health services for free or at discounted rates?

HealthRight has a successful track record of establishing important relationships with individual health care providers, insurance companies, medical suppliers, pharmacies, and other health care organizations. Because of these relationships, we are able to negotiate the lowest possible fee for many services that typically cost patients far too much. In addition, we employ a wide array of licensed nurses and health advocates who provide their expertise free of charge—because we believe in your right to experience quality medical care.

I have a friend/family member who has a chronic condition. Can they use HealthRight?

Yes. If you know someone who has a chronic health condition, HealthRight can help them save money through our on-demand doctor consults, unlimited free nurse consultations, and the significant savings on a wide array of health care services. You also may be able to add your family members to your HealthRight membership. Contact one of our health advocates, who will help guide you through the process.

Who does HealthRight help?

HealthRight is good for anyone who wants to experience the convenience of being able to talk with a doctor or nurse on-demand or anyone who wants additional health care savings. HealthRight can be very helpful for those who have a chronic health condition (when getting to a doctor is inconvenient), working professionals, parents (especially working parents), and seniors.

What services does HealthRight offer?

When you become a HealthRight member, you get instant access to a full array of premium solutions that help you experience health care the way it should be: fast, convenient, dependable, and affordable. With HealthRight, you can:

  • Speak with a board-certified U.S. physician on-demand
  • Get free, 24/7, unlimited access to licensed nurses and expert health advocates
  • Save up to 60% on brand name and generic prescriptions
  • Save up to 50% on dental care & lab tests

What is a tele-consult?

A tele-consult is one way that HealthRight members can get direct care from a doctor. Conducted over the phone, you will get professional opinions from a board-certified physician for both acute and chronic health conditions. Before the tele-consult begins, the doctor will review your information. Then, once they speak to you, they will listen to your problems, ask questions, provide a diagnosis, and recommended a treatment if necessary. In many cases, the doctor can write you a prescription, order a lab test, or prescribe other medical procedures.

What if I already have a doctor?

Even if you already have a primary care physician or see a specialist, you can still use HealthRight. On-demand doctor visits are available to everyone, and when you speak to a licensed nurse, they can either connect you to a HealthRight doctor or coordinate care with your regular doctor. In addition, you can have any testing or imaging results sent to your doctor.

When do I use HealthRight?

Use HealthRight whenever you want. Our licensed nurses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide health advice or schedule an on-demand doctor visit. You can use any of the savings we provide whenever you need health care.

What conditions do HealthRight doctors treat?

HealthRight doctors can treat a range of conditions, including both chronic and acute ailments. Some examples include:

  • Cold/flu-like symptoms
  • Sinus infections
  • Headache
  • Pain
  • Diabetes
  • Digestive issues
  • Skin conditions
  • Sexual difficulties
  • Smoking cessation
  • Weight problems

How do I get started with HealthRight?

Getting started is easy. You can either complete a member registration form online, you can call us directly at 844-882-8600. The nurse or health advocate will collect your information and get you started right away. You can also use many of the HealthRight benefits, including the on-demand doctor visits, without becoming a member. Simply call 844-882-8600 to get started.

Who are the HealthRight doctors?

HealthRight doctors strive to provide the same level of personal and private care as an in-person visit. All of our doctors are U.S. board-certified and licensed in their state. They have been selected to provide the highest quality of patient care through the mobile consultation process, and they can treat both acute and chronic conditions.

Who are the HealthRight nurses?

The main role of a HealthRight nurse is to guide and support you throughout every aspect of medical care. They are always available to all HealthRight members for free, and are dedicated to coordinating your care and answering any questions you may have.

What is iHealth?

iHealth is a premium membership program offered by HealthRight. When you upgrade to iHealth, you enjoy additional savings on many health care services, may be able to use an expanded doctor network, and may also be able to use additional solutions like our Medical Bill Advocacy program and MD Advise, which involves real-time online interactions with board-certified U.S. physicians.

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How do I log on to my account?

To log on to your HealthRight account, click on “Member Login.” You’ll be asked to enter your username and password. If you have forgotten either your username or password, you can ask for a reminder email to be sent to you.

How do I get a doctor consultation?

To request an on-demand doctor visit, simply call us to speak to one of our licensed nurses or health advocates. He or she will collect your personal information and then schedule the doctor visit according to availability and your preferred schedule.

How/when can I speak to a nurse?

HealthRight nurses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with all aspects of health care. You can talk with a nurse as often as you’d like, for as long as you’d like. Simply call 844-882-8700 to speak to a nurse.

Why do I need to speak to a nurse?

HealthRight nurses are central to providing and maintaining the high standard of care that we provide. Each nurse has been specifically trained in our services, and they are best suited to coordinate your care. Some health concerns can best be treated with a nurse consultation, and they are also highly skilled at providing health and wellness advice, connecting you to a doctor who best fits your needs, and following up on your care.

What happens after my doctor consultation?

If the doctor has written a prescription, you will be notified when it is ready for pick up at the pharmacy of your choice. If the doctor orders a lab test, imaging procedure, or other type of referral, you will be provided with the information you need to complete the next step in your treatment. Following any tests, the results will be sent to your HealthRight doctor, and either the doctor or a HealthRight nurse will follow up to review them with you and coordinate next steps in your care.

How do I get a HealthRight Card?

When you become a HealthRight member, you can easily print out a copy of your HealthRight Card by logging into your account. Just show your card and save at more than 330,000 participating providers nationwide.

How do I upgrade to iHealth?

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How can I access my member account?

To access your member account, log on by clicking on Member Login. You will be asked to enter your username and password.

What if I forgot my username or password?

If you forgot either your username, you can request a reminder email to be sent on the Member Login screen. If you have forgotten your password, you can also reset your password by clicking on reset my password on the Member Login screen.

I’m having trouble logging onto my account. What should I do?

If you are experiencing difficulties logging into your account, call our Technical Support department at 844-882-8500.

How do I correct my personal information?

To correct your personal information, log into your account by clicking on Member Login. Once you enter your username and password, you can edit your personal information on the account page. If you would prefer, you may also call us at 844-882-8500.

What if I can’t get a hold of a nurse or health advocate?

If, for some reason, you cannot contact a nurse or health advocate when you’d like to, this could be the result of unusually high call volume. However, there is a Live Chat feature available when you log into your account. In addition, you can email our support team at

I still haven’t received my HealthRight card. What should I do?

To print out a personal copy of your HealthRight card, log on to your account by clicking on Member Login. Once you enter your username and password, you can access your account and print out a copy of your card. You may also call our support team at 844-882-8500.

How do I unsubscribe from email notifications?

If you receive any emails from us and would like to be unsubscribed, simply click on the “unsubscribe” link in the email to be removed from our email notification list.

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